Monday, August 10, 2015

My daughter doesn't want to go home

     Today I dropped my daughter off to her daycare. I was thinking of doing a lot of things inside the house because we went on a weekend trip. I realized that cleaning is a never ending task I had to do everyday. I feel like I could never be satisfied on how clean the house looked, so I decided to just drop the broom and relax.
     When I picked her up, she doesn't want to go home. She was crying and screaming. She still wants to play with this toy car that they have at daycare. She doesn't have one at home yet so I guess that is why she likes it. She told me she wants to ride the car.
     Aside from the toy car, they also have this little houses and the friends to play with at daycare. It is a small daycare, a garage turned into a daycare. Even though it's a small daycare, I like it because the smaller it is, the safer I feel for my child. There's not a lot of kids and I can easily talked to the daycare provider and the ladies at her daycare.

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