Monday, July 27, 2015

Let's Play the Number Game (Numbers 1 to 10)

 Let's Play the Number Game
       Isabella Nalani just turned 21 months old and I am really happy that finally, we were able to take a video of her recognizing numbers 1 to 10.
     In this game, I used old cd's (which we are actually using as saucers) and then I wrote numbers on it and letters at the back of it. We have been playing this game for 5 months now. So I started making this numbered cd's when she was 16 months, but I was already teaching her since she was younger. It doesn't matter to me if she doesn't understand them. So it means, I was reading and teaching her since she was inside my tummy and until now, I am still teaching her and yes, I will never get tired being her teacher. (clap, clap)

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     When she was 8 months old, my friend, whom she called Tia Zonia, would count to her to her in spanish and english. She would use the lids of our used containers from our kitchen.

After that, I also decided to write numbers on it, and she has been playing with those lids since then.

     So my advice to new parents like me, is to never get tired of helping your kids learn. Read to them even if they don't understand, and count with them, even if they can't count. 
     It is all worth it!!! We are so happy even with simple things like, when she sees numbers on the floor, and she'll pick it up and give it to us. She would then tell us what number it is. She can only recognize numbers and letters everytime she sees them.
    And yes, letters and numbers is everywhere in the house, we have them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, name it, we got it.
Sesame Street place mats, old cd's with numbers and letters written on them

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     Goodluck and enjoy learning with your kids.


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