Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Dishwasher

Today we visited Isabella's grandparents. She had fun with the grandparents. When it was time for her dad to pick us up, her dada (that's what she calls her dad) was having conversation with the grandparents. 
Of course at this time no one was really paying too close attention to Isabella, because we can see her busy playing and was even sweeping the floor with a broom. 
Suddenly, her grandma heard a loud sound, and she was asking what that is. Grandpa thought it was just the water outside but then we were, "ohhhh, the dish washers!!!!" 
Grandma had to run to the dish washer because they use it to store some plastic containers that aren't suppose to be washed in the dishwasher. (Trivia: if you aren't using your dishwasher, then, there you go, a storage for you) 
She had to pull out the plastic containers and then drain the water from the dishwasher. The dishwasher they had has buttons to turn and it was easy for her to do.

Say Sorry
I asked my 21 months old toddler to say sorry and she did. Her grandpa hugged her and told her it was fine. 

Keep on guiding and explaining to her even if she is young
She knew she did something wrong, and we were explaining to her that she shouldn't touch the dishwasher. She didn't touch it again but then again, everyone was keeping an eye on her so she knows she is being watched and she knows what she isn't allowed to do.

Dishwasher at Home
The dishwasher we have at home has flat controls so she hasn't really figured out how to start it. 

My advice to parents who have toddlers that plays with the dishwashers whether it has flat controls or buttons is that to always watch and guide your kids. When I am in the kitchen with her and she is playing on the floor. We as parents learned how to multitask, but having our kids as the most important task. Even if I am washing the dishes, I made sure she knows that I am still watching her, every time I see her trying to touch the flat control of our washer, I would never get tired explaining to her that she shouldn't be playing with it. 
There are other appliances in the kitchen that has button controls, like the trash compactor. I decided to take out the buttons because she would always run it. She likes how it makes the sound. Yes we still make sure to tell her that she wasn't supposed to touch it, but it is easier to pull the button and then put it back every Tuesday when we need it. (trash day every Wednesday)
We have button control for our burner which she can already reached. But we made sure that every time she sees us using the controls, or using the stove, we always remind her that only dada and mama can touch it. We always tell her that it is dangerous and it is not for Isabella then I would show her the things she can only touch in the kitchen.

Play station in the kitchen
She also has a play station in the kitchen, just a little box with some toys in it. In this way, we can drive her attention to her toys instead of playing with the kitchen tools or materials that she isn't suppose to touch. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Toilet Paper Everywhere

     Last night, I decided to take a shower even if Isabella was still awake. I figured I can already trust her because her dad can keep an eye on her, and she is really good at listening :) Okay, yes she is good at listening but she would still do what she would like to do when no one is watching her.
     And so I hopped into the shower and then I knew she was quietly playing outside the shower room. Then she told me, "Mama, no mess!! No! No! No! Bella." I'd say uh oh, there we go.
     Shower, done woohooo! I opened the door and oh m g!!!


Monday, August 10, 2015

My daughter doesn't want to go home

     Today I dropped my daughter off to her daycare. I was thinking of doing a lot of things inside the house because we went on a weekend trip. I realized that cleaning is a never ending task I had to do everyday. I feel like I could never be satisfied on how clean the house looked, so I decided to just drop the broom and relax.
     When I picked her up, she doesn't want to go home. She was crying and screaming. She still wants to play with this toy car that they have at daycare. She doesn't have one at home yet so I guess that is why she likes it. She told me she wants to ride the car.
     Aside from the toy car, they also have this little houses and the friends to play with at daycare. It is a small daycare, a garage turned into a daycare. Even though it's a small daycare, I like it because the smaller it is, the safer I feel for my child. There's not a lot of kids and I can easily talked to the daycare provider and the ladies at her daycare.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Let's Play the Number Game (Numbers 1 to 10)

 Let's Play the Number Game
       Isabella Nalani just turned 21 months old and I am really happy that finally, we were able to take a video of her recognizing numbers 1 to 10.
     In this game, I used old cd's (which we are actually using as saucers) and then I wrote numbers on it and letters at the back of it. We have been playing this game for 5 months now. So I started making this numbered cd's when she was 16 months, but I was already teaching her since she was younger. It doesn't matter to me if she doesn't understand them. So it means, I was reading and teaching her since she was inside my tummy and until now, I am still teaching her and yes, I will never get tired being her teacher. (clap, clap)

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     When she was 8 months old, my friend, whom she called Tia Zonia, would count to her to her in spanish and english. She would use the lids of our used containers from our kitchen.

After that, I also decided to write numbers on it, and she has been playing with those lids since then.

     So my advice to new parents like me, is to never get tired of helping your kids learn. Read to them even if they don't understand, and count with them, even if they can't count. 
     It is all worth it!!! We are so happy even with simple things like, when she sees numbers on the floor, and she'll pick it up and give it to us. She would then tell us what number it is. She can only recognize numbers and letters everytime she sees them.
    And yes, letters and numbers is everywhere in the house, we have them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, name it, we got it.
Sesame Street place mats, old cd's with numbers and letters written on them

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     Goodluck and enjoy learning with your kids.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Singing to your toddler

Have you ever tried singing with your toddler? Yes, I did and we had fun. In this video, I recorded the moment when I tried to sing her a song. She doesn't seem to like it but well, we had fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
amazing grace

     There are so many worthwhile activities that we could do to enjoy the things that we do with our kids, it may not necessarily mean that you can do it perfectly, but it is always nice to involve them on the things that we like to do.
     I couldn't say that I have the nicest voice in the world, but I could say that I am one of those proud, and happy mothers around the world that tries to spend quality time with their kids.
     Here's our video and I hope you enjoy watching it, as much as she enjoys hurting me, uh oh I mean as much as she enjoys my singing voice lol.
(I was using my phone to record the video and I guess it wasn't that easy, video cam recorder is always much easier. :P)